SharePoint 2010: Transfer calendar entries between site calendars

I’m trying to figure out how to easily transfer calendar entries between calendars on two different sites (and respective site collections).

The idea is that Site A that contains a calendar that holds the vacation days for everyone in the department. Site B is a separate site created for a specific project. The creator of Site B wants to efficiently transfer all calendar entries from Site A calendar onto Site B calendar for a member of the project team. The data used to determine which calendar entries to pull from Site A can be the name of the user who originally created the calendar entry on Site A.

I’m quite new to SharePoint, so I would appreciate any guidance on how to accomplish this. Thank you.




Is this a repetitive job? What triggers this copy process?
– Amal Hashim
Jan 13 ’15 at 18:47



Hello Amal, I was hoping that the process could be triggered by the Site B creator on an as needed basis whenever a team member’s vacation days need added to the calendar.
– craigp
Jan 13 ’15 at 19:19



Ok Who will be doing this activity? I mean manually who is going to do this?
– Amal Hashim
Jan 13 ’15 at 19:20


2 Answers


You have two options

Using Powershell – This is easy to develop, but require and admin to perform the action
By creating a visual webpart – This can be deployed into a SharePoint page so end users can initiate the synchronization

For option2, you can create following logic

A people picker to pick the user
Source Calendar URL input box
Target Calendar URL input box
A button – On click of the button get all calendar event from source for that user and add new events in the target calendar (make sure you are not duplicating)

Save the source calendar as template with Include Content option selected and create a new calendar with this new custom template and that should bring all the entries.